This Scholarship is endowed by the Cecile Parrish Memorial Fund

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cheap Canada Goose outlet We are seeking an enthusiastic and committed graduate research student to undertake research in English Literature, defined as literature in the English language, in the Literary and Cultural Studies Graduate Cheap Canada Goose Research Program, Faculty of Arts, Monash University. This Scholarship is endowed by the Cecile Parrish Memorial Fund, established by the trustees of the late Renee Parrish of Singapore in commemoration of her daughter www. wandeshop. com Cecile, a onetime member of the staff of the Department of English, Monash University. The Fund is administered by Monash University and provides scholarshipsspecifically for the critical study of English Literature. The Scholarship is awarded to enable a PhD or Masters scholar to pursue a full time program of research. Eligibility requirements to undertake a PhD/MAThe successful applicant will be expected to enrol in March 2017. There may be some flexibility as to the date of commencement. cheap Canada Goose outlet

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