He hopes to do for literature what Fab 5 Freddy did for hip

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canada goose black friday Teach Your Inner Critic How to HealWe all listen to suggestions from our own thoughts. Many of them are highly critical. Maybe a few are supportive. And to be clear, this is not about celebrating flashy dressed folks who like to read the images don’t always have to be of stylish people who are reading. Rather, the subject simply has to have a book in hand while projecting his or her own personal style (eye catching or not). The idea for the hashtag turned movement was sparked almost a year and a half ago when Israel spotted a particularly stylish teenager on the train reading “To Kill A Mockingbird. ” He secretly snapped a picture of the kid, uploaded it to Instagram, captioned it LiterarySwag, and the rest is history. And as of late, that “thing,” or what Israel calls the “literary lifestyle,” has also morphed into more than just photos. “It’s like those E! television shows where they do the red carpet and ask celebrities what their wearing. Israel’s dreams for the LiterarySwag movement are lofty. He hopes to do for literature what Fab 5 Freddy did for hip hop which means becoming a Canada Goose Outlet cultural pioneer that opens the door into a world that is unknown or unexplored by a significant portion of the population. “I want to be the person who in this culture becomes identified with literature, insofar as you trust my taste to the point that I can help make books, reading and literary culture popular but doing it through fashion. canada goose black friday

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