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I wore Lululemon’s new ‘anti-ball crushing pants’ C and I looked like a dork

I like tight pants. The tighter the better! I bark in the local trouser store. visit this company here. Im not happy until every contour of my lower half is cosseted by fabric, my britches foisted on to my legs with a combination of Vaseline, washing-up liquid, and the strength of two assistants.

Yes, its the tight pant life for me, and no mistake. This may have been the reason why my bosses ordered me to try out Lululemons anti-ball crushing pants C pants which provoked much intrigue this week when the company claimed they were responsible for a remarkable turnabout in fortunes.

The anti-ball crushing pants, or ABC pants, for short, have been all the rage since they were introduced at the end of last year, Lululemon says. The pants have been influential in a 16% increase in Lululemons sales benefits of canada goose jacket during the last quarter, and in finally garnering some positive publicity for a company that infamously had to pull yoga pants from the shelves over 2013s see-through fabric scandal.

We designed these pants with all-day comfort and performance in mind – seriously, youre going to want to live in them, states the blurb on the Lululemon website. A wide paneled gusset and four-way stretch Warpstreme? fabric make these pants commute, travel and sweat ready. We get it, youre going places.

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