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Q For my 40th birthday 19 years ago, a friend bought me a white wine from the year authentic canada goose outlet online of my birth: are there any canada goose outlet stores a 1949 Domaine de Terrebrune, Bonnezeaux. I didn’t know much canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet about wine at the time, but I thought it would be a good idea to ‘lay it down’. I still have it. Should I keep it, drink it, or chuck it down the sink?Jackie Goode

A Not many buy canada goose parka uk white wines age for close to 50 years, but those made from Loire Valley Chenin Blanc frequently do. It’s something about the high levels of acidity in the wines, as well as the concentration of the best examples, that keeps them alive. The canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews 1949 was a very good vintage, if not as great as 1945 or 1947, so this sweet wine should still be in very good condition. Why don’t you average price of canada goose jacket open it on your 60th birthday?

Q I have searched with no success best place buy canada goose jacket toronto for best canada goose jacket womens Gran Colegiata, a great canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews Toro wine I bought from Oddbins at least 15 years ago. Although a strong wine, it had very elegant canada goose coat $5000 no credit check signature loans qualities. Pink, for instance, phone gps tracker has become rose-colored, and blue has the classic aqua tones originally seen in earlier ipod mini models. Do you know if it still exists and where it can be bought? Eamonn Ellaway

A You are in luck. Decanter Wines in Surrey (01372 376 127) imports the wines from Bodegas Fari?a, the producer of Gran Colegiata. They have the 2000 Crianza (10) and 1998 Reserva (12) in stock, both of which are drinking nicely.

If you have a wine question for Tim, email ask. tim@observer. co. uk


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